We set out to create a new benchmark, not follow one, and it resulted in a clear positioning that reflects in everything they do;

We focus on selling districts, neighbourhoods and quarters.


Even from the initial talks with Alexander White, the purpose was clear. To manifest their leading role in one portion of the real estate market, already solidifying a group of customers in the mid-segment, and aim for another more specific and esteemed. Basically stepping up in the market, and becoming the leading new development realtor working closely with developers such as Oscar Properties, as well as positioning themselves towards the most premium target groups.

This set the tone for a brand that should both be a stand-alone premium brand, and a white-label brand at the same time, allowing both the customer/real-estate and the new development branding shine. Office and interior design by ARKLAB and Claes Dalén interiors.


Moving is mainly about two things - finding the right piece of property and moving to an area where you belong. The dwelling and the area is part of the same experience.  



Alexander White is the broker who introduces you to your part of town. Showcasing shops, restaurants and parks that allow you to meet your new neighbours and discover the area’s delights.

Because Stockholm is not just the city of Stockholm. It is a city of culture and history, a sports destination and home of the connoisseur, all at once. Alexander White's ambition is to understand every corner of every neighbourhood. The unique feeling, that something something that makes people feel comfortable in that specific area.

This knowledge enables us to better understand the housing market and help you settle down exactly where you belong. Alexander White believes that by knowing more about different neighbourhoods and seeing the bigger picture as an sales argument for real estate, it will position itself as a market leader. With a foundation in expertise and stuck-in knowledge about these areas, they are able to present a more interesting and broader product than its competitors.


What we did

A short summary of our main tasks & challenges solved together with the client.


Brand platform

Insights & strategy
Target groups

To have a trustworthy story to tell and a clear focus, Alexander White went "brand new". 



Digital strategy
Digital platforms

We did extensive research in the real-estate market to develop a media driven & showcase focused digital platform.


Identity & tools

Visual identity

Design system applied on all touch-points, both digital and physical.


We also shot a complete chronicle of Stockholms different districts.


As a first wave of realisation and launching the new AW brand, we shot multiple series of images, capturing disctricts and neighborhoods as is, no matter the Scandinavian weather and season. All part of a true representation towards buyers.

This transparent approach, alongside the overall sensation of a completely new way of branding a real-estate broker, developed a surge that surely lifted the overall standard and approach amongst many competitors.