A purpose driven solution cleaning up the home service industry

• 29/03/23 •
New acquisitions expands the Nytta group further, offering a more focused solution towards B2B as well as B2C integrating both under the brand umbrella with a strong vision, design and philosophy: Efficiency through personal cleaning and professional service > Vi gör nytta.

We won't stop at just making homes clean and functional. The purchase of Städia, a B2B cleaning service, our commercial cleaning now takes care of offices and all other types of housekeeping in Greater Stockholm. Working hand in hand with Städia, as a part of Nytta Gruppen, we provide services for businesses. Housekeeping in office buildings, public areas and stairwells in housing associations as well as construction sites, are some of the services that expands our offer. We want to help businesses & their employees understand the value of their time, as well as how cleaning, housekeeping & professional service facilitate & increase quality in work life and private life.