Biblioteket no.5 winner of Swedish Architect's Guldstolen award 2018

• 28/08/18 •
The property development Biblioteket no. 5 for our client Glommen & Lindberg has just won the prestigious Guldstolen 2018 award. We were lucky enough to do the property branding for this project and work with the amazing team behind the development.

Architect: Jägnefält Milton together with Mats Theselius; Designer Mats Theselius, Architect SAR/MSA Konrad Milton, Architect MSA Carl Jägnefält

Developer: Glommen & Lindberg; Rolf Alexander, Marketing Director, Anders Silfverhjelm, Projekt Lead

Jury motivation from Sveriges Arkitekter:

The interiors in this residential block draw inspiration from historical references as well as personal memories, which result in a project with rare empathy and an environment with an idiosyncratic expression. The explicit ambition has been to create environments that will endure for generations, modelled on qualitative housing from previous ages. The building comprises many stories, reflected in care and attention to details. The interiors have achieved a degree of softness and consideration attributable to the deep understanding that has been integral to the design commission. Each part of the interiors is handcrafted in a timeless quality, with references to 1970s milk packaging as well as American Art Deco and Russian tea porcelain. The rooms as well as the common areas are characterised by the idea that long-term sustainability rests on a well-designed foundation.