Data processing agreement 2024

Castberg & Co + Property Systems


The following definitions apply in this agreement:

This Data Processing Agreement (“Agreement“) constitutes part of the Purchasing Agreement between Castberg & Co and subsidiary company Property Systems as the provider, and the Buyer as the consumer of their joint services.

“Data controller” refers to the Buyer as per the Purchasing agreement

“Data processor” refers to Castberg & Co AB and subsidiary Property Systems AB

Each a “party”, together “the Parties”

The parties agree on the following Contractual Clauses (the Clauses) in order to meet the requirements of the GDPR and to ensure the protection of the rights of the data subject.


Jamstack architecture for speed, flexibility and low costs, at any scale.


Design + CMS

A Sanity based content management system that works in favour of both front-end and back-end developers as well as clients. It has a simple structure for input, uploads, integrations and translation which is built to easily market and manage a property portfolio.

CRM > Sales

Collect, manage and own the customer data you deserve to, and then share it with your suppliers, instead of losing thousands of leads due to GDPR restrictions when working with multiple brokers and their privacy policies. We create tangible value by understanding and building relationships between people, companies, spaces and places.

Jamstack & next.js

Jamstack is the digital architecture buildt from Javascript, APIs & Markup. This allows for an incredibly fast and secure infrastructure which steers away from server and database vulnerabilities, due to its use of pre-built markup and asset retrieval over a CDN. This drastically cuts hosting cost for any client setup. Front end development is also given more flexibility and focus, due to the systems modular approach.

Modules / APIs

By utilising a modular approach which involves developing and stacking small, medium and large interchangeable functions, we can focus our creative energy and tech on solving your needs as a property owner or developer. This way of working, 'Jamstacking' makes our platform a safe long term investment and enables us continuously evolve and refine our features.